17-Year Old Designs ElectroShoe for Women’s Safety

OOP Digital Desk: Children are often asked how they plan to use the things they learn in school. Questions on mathematics and science are usually quite imprecise to be of any practical help, not to mention their inefficiency.

But using elementary concepts of physics and some basic coding skills, 17-year old Siddharth Mandala has designed, what he brands as ElectroShoe, a product meant for women to keep potential attackers away. The product, as the name suggests, electrocutes the perpetrators of crime.

A Better Use for Burnt Cigarette Stubs

Mandala is an aspiring entrepreneur and says that his product will help women to prevent rape attempts. The shoe inflicts 0.1amp electricity on the attacker, while sending an SOS to police and family members.

Explaining his product, Mandala said, the shoe uses a self-recharging circuit board and is built with the concept called piezoelectric effect. Energy is automatically generated when the user walks which is stored in a shoe’s rechargeable battery.

Touch n Goa

The boy from Hyderabad says, all that a woman has to do is ensure that the battery has sufficient charge. The shoe will electrocute when it makes contact with the attacker’s body, he adds.

Mandala’s product has won applause from many people, including Biocon Ltd chairman and managing director, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.

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