Forty Slaps in Two Minutes

OOP Digital Desk: In a shocking incident of classroom torture, an eight-year old boy of a reputed school in Lucknow was slapped 40 times within two minutes for not saying ‘present please’ when the class teacher was taking the attendance.

An FIR has been filed against the teacher.

The One Rupee Township

A video released by a private TV channel shows teacher Ratrika V John taking attendance in her class. She starts shouting at Ritesh Gupta, a standard III student of the school. Getting no response from the child, Ratrika starts hitting him before the hapless boy could understand what was happening. As Ritesh pleads for mercy, the blows become more frequent. The unrelenting teacher, at one point of time, pushes the boy back who loses his balance and falls against the desk behind his chair. A few seconds later, Ratrika pulls Ritesh by his tie and drags him to one side.

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The boy fell sick after returning home from school. He had bruises on his jaw and the upper neck. A visibly traumatised Ritesh couldn’t answer what had happened even after repeated questioning from his parents. His father Mahendra Gupta then called some of his classmates who told him about the teacher beating Ritesh.

Video Source: ETV News Bangla

Mahendra reported the incident to the school principal who asked for the CCTV footage. It was then revealed that Ratrika had also hit the boy against the blackboard. The teacher was suspended immediately. She has reportedly sought pardon from the child’s parents.

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