9 Kolkata Heritage Restaurants You Must Try

Kolkata is a foodie’s paradise. The sheer variety of food available in the city, not to mention the affordability, is a delight for those out on a gastronomic adventure. Over the years several new restaurants and eateries have been added to the already rich repertoire of food joints that the city has. But there are a number of Kolkata heritage restaurants that still boast of serving their best signature foods in this part of the world.

Here are some of them.

1. Golbari

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Hardly anyone in the city remembers the formal name—Punjab Hindu Hotel—of this hugely popular eating joint bang on the Shyambazar Five Point intersection. The place gets its name from the circular building that houses this iconic north Kolkata eatery. Golbari is known for its iconic Kosha Mangsho (four pieces of spicy mutton cooked in a rich onion-garlic-ginger gravy). The dish is eaten with the signature Golbari roti, made from a mix of atta (wheat flour) and maida (a more refined variety of the former). Eating at Golbari is an experience worth repeating.

2. Nahoum and Sons

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Christmas in Kolkata is incomplete without biting into the rich plum cake at Nahoum’s. The bakery, right in the heart of New Market, is an institution in itself. They still use the century-old recipe that has been passed down through generations. The lemon tarts, chocolate muffins, and chicken patties are something to die for. The Nahoums are one of the most revered families in Kolkata and have not expanded sales outside New Market, despite lucrative business proposals running into crores, as that would spoil their exclusivity.

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3. Flurys

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Nine more years and one of the most popular Kolkata heritage restaurants will be celebrating its century. This bakery and cake shop was opened in 1926 by a Swiss couple. Situated on Park Street, Flurys is a part of Kolkata’s history. Try the all-day English breakfast with the best Darjeeling Tea served in Kolkata. The coupes and sundaes are no less famous. The current owners have managed to retain the old world charm of the restaurant.

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  • November 5, 2017 at 7:40 pm

    A very enjoyable read for a foodie! Though I’ve been to all the places, I made two entries to my foodie checklist from the dishes mentioned.


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