9 Most Infamous Serial Killers in History

For centuries, there have been several infamous serial killers, whose deeds still send shivers down our spine. Many of them suffered from serious mental disorders while others committed their crime out of sheer passion. Hundreds of innocent people have fallen prey to these killers. While the number of serial killers has come down in recent years because of improved forensics and investigation techniques, the morbidity of their crimes are worth a recall.

Here are some of the most infamous serial killers ever known.

1. Pedro Alonso Lopez

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Perhaps the most infamous serial killers of all times, Pedro Alonso Lopez was accused of raping and killing more than 300 girls in South America. The Colombian lured his victims to isolated areas where he raped and then killed each one of them by strangulation and other brutal methods. Traders in a market nabbed him after he failed an abduction attempt in 1980. Lopez confessed about his crimes to the police, proof of which was discovered only after a flash flood opened a mass grave containing many of his victims. A total of 53 bodies were exhumed from the grave. He was imprisoned in 1980, released in 1998, rearrested in 2002, and was subsequently sentenced to life.

2. Harold Fredrick Shipman

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The English doctor was one of the most prolific and infamous serial killers in the world and was allegedly responsible for 250 murders. Harold Fredrick Shipman was a revered man in the society but many of his colleagues and patients started raising concerns over the huge number of deaths and cremations in the area where he worked, especially elderly women, whose death certificates he had signed. Many bodies were exhumed and forensics revealed high diamorphine (heroin) content in their systems, leading to death. It was later found that he administered the drug to kill his patients and forged their will to grab large sums of money, property and other assets. Shipman was jailed for life but committed suicide in his cell on 13 January 2004.

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3. Daniel Camargo Barbosa

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The South American is believed to have raped and killed more than 150 girls in Ecuador and Colombia in the 1970s and 1980s. Daniel Camargo Barbosa admitted to have murdered 72 girls in Ecuador after a jailbreak in Colombia. Following his arrest in Quito, Barbosa led the police to a dumping ground where he had buried many of his victims. Barbosa was convicted of his crimes and was awarded a 16-year prison term, the maximum available in Ecuador. He was murdered inside the prison on 13 November 1994, by Geovanny Noguer, a cousin of one of the girls he had killed.

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