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OOP Digital Desk: Come winter, and people from all parts of Bengal make a beeline for the common hotspots to have their annual day-out revelry, what Bengalis loving call picnic. But the remains of the day—plastic cups, white thermocol plates—are found strewn all over. These not only pollute the environment, but are serious health hazards as well.

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Biodiversity of West Bardhaman (BWB), an NGO based out of Bardhaman district, have taken up an initiative to generate awareness among picnickers to have eco-friendly picnics. Activists of the organisation launched a campaign in this regard yesterday, in the Durgapur barrage area, one of the most popular picnic spots in the district. The campaign will continue until 28 December.

BWB members are personally connecting with people and urging them to use biodegradable materials, like plates made from sal and banana leaves, for their picnic. At the same time they are requesting revellers not to use sound boxes around the reservoir.

According to a 1969-79 bird census, there were more than 10,000 varieties of birds, and 20,682 types of ducks in the world. A 2013-17 study by Sagar Adhurya from the department of ecology, Visva Bharati University, found the numbers down to 152 and 191 for the varieties of birds and ducks respectively.

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Scientists and experts have identified environmental pollution as the biggest villain behind the drastically reducing numbers. That aside, people are hopelessly are hopelessly unaware about civic responsibilities.

BWB wants to change the scenario. Its latest project—eco-friendly picnics—is towards that end.

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