Anindya Not Part of Film on Sonika Singh Chauhan Death

OOP Digital Desk: Tollywood actor Anindya Chattopadhyay, believed to play a key role in a film on the accidental death of model Sonika Singh Chauhan, is not a part of the project. The film is to be directed by Shankudeb Panda.

Anindya has clarified that whatever has appeared in the media regarding his involvement in the project are rumours.

Pahlaj Nihalani Censored

Shankudeb debuted with Comrade which released on 21 July. The film centred around the 2006-07 land rights movements in West Bengal. He recently announced his second film which is about actor Vikram Chatterjee’s car accident on 29 April in front of Lake Mall in south Kolkata which killed model Sonika Singh Chauhan. The film is tentatively titled Gati. It was heard that Anindya has been cast as Vikram in the film.

But Anindya has claimed that he never had a word with Shankudeb about the project. Also, he has no dates available until November. There’s no question of taking up any new project within this time, Anindya said.

Shankudeb, meanwhile, has informed that the pre-production work of Gati is over. But even he said that he did not speak to Anindya about the film. Shooting is expected to begin in a month.

Feluda Courts Controversy

If industry sources are to be believed, Shankudeb is likely to cast Saheb Bhattacharjee to play the male lead in the film. But the director did not comment in this regard. The film will be a taut thriller, Shankudeb assured, adding that he will try to identify the main culprit behind the death of Sonika Singh Chauhan.

The director, however, ruled out model and Bollywood actress Satarupa Pyne playing Sonika’s character in the film.

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