The Appropriate Soft Play Area Equipment for Your Child

Got a complaint about your son from neighbours? Bad news. Why did the children fight? Playing in the soft play area is fun. Then why did it turn into a fight? May be the soft play area was not appropriate according to your child’s age and perhaps for your neighbour’s child as well, and they fought because of territorial conflicts. Possible?

If you are facing the same issue, then you should first have a look at the soft play area and see whether the equipment is appropriate for your child.

Don’t have an idea about this? Here are some points to keep in mind, according to your child’s age.

1. Age group 0-2 years

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The little musketeers in the age group zero to two years are usually known as infants or toddlers. Is your child a little cutie pie below two years of age? If yes, then you should know that these small sensory creatures need their own space in the soft play area. They explore things with hands, feet, mouth, and eyes. They need space to crawl and creep, and they love to exert themselves on the floor. Their soft play equipment should include small play structures like tunnels where toddlers can crawl and indulge in playful activities. Ensure a safe play experience by taking your toddler to the soft play area he/she is right for.

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2. Age group 2-3.5 years

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So, your little sweetheart is now more than two years old. This is probably a preschool age group. The playground is a new thing at this age. They have a very short attention span. Nothing  grabs their attention for more than five minutes. For them, there should be soft play equipment that keeps them busy and involved. The area should include climbers of moderate height, sliders, spring riders and more.

3. Age group 4 plus

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The time has come when your small world (child) is ready for school. The children in the age group above four are on the verge of exploring things. They love to play games that require coordination and strength. The soft play area of this age group should include swings, spinners, climbers and more.

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So, these are the three types of soft play areas suitable for kids of various age groups. The benefits of soft play equipment are endless. They make a perfect place for the children to play. Such equipment are tremendously helpful in improving children’s mental and physical skills and even improving their personality. They will play, make new friends, communicate, laugh and enjoy their childhood. What else can a parent ask for?

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