The Dullest Film Ever Made?

OOP Digital Desk: It’s midnight. You are exhausted after a hard day’s work and twist on your bed trying to fall asleep. Hypnos doesn’t bless you. Frustrated, you start searching for the best film to help you out and zero it down to the Emma Stone-Ryan Gosling musical blockbuster La La Land. However, a couple of hours later you are still wide wake, back to sending business mails.

Your plan had a major flaw. The next time insomnia hits you, watch Baa Baa Land instead.

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This is the real thing. At least that’s what the makers want us to believe when the film releases in September. And no, neither Stone nor Gosling, are involved in the project. This one is a slow-motion, eight-hour film sans any actor, dialogue, or show-stopping dance sequences. This film just shows sheep standing and grazing on a field. It has been produced by Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew, the co-founders of meditation app Calm. The trailer of Baa Baa Land, fondly refers to it as the “dullest movie” ever made. It’s not entirely without reason since that was exactly their motive.

While you are welcome to stay awake for the entire duration, Ba Ba Land is intended to be a form of mediation and not entertainment, or so the producers want us to believe. According to Tew, the film is better than sleeping pills, and is the ultimate cure for insomnia. Nothing happens for eight hours, says Smith, adding that you just have to count the sheep and sleep will arrive soon.

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Though doctors advice not to watch a film before going to bed as that excites the nerves, the makers of Baa Baa Land think otherwise. Counting sheep is a mind exercise and is believed to put a person to sleep. It has been used in comic strips, cartoons and other mass media.

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