A Better Use for Burnt Cigarette Stubs

OOP Digital Desk: That cigarette smoking is injurious to health is known to all. People addicted to smoking have been known to try in vain to quit the habit. Worse still is the sight of burnt cigarette stubs littered on roads, parks and other public places, and even sometimes in schools and colleges.

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Researchers and environmentalists, for long, have been hunting for ways to put the burnt cigarette stubs to worthy use. Millions of stubs remain scattered all over the world that are both a health hazard as well as damaging for the environment. For one, the burnt stubs usually take decades to mix into earth. At the same time, the harmful chemicals in the stubs pollute rivers and oceans.

But scientists at Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) seem to have finally found an environment –friendly way to resolve the problem.  Their research has revealed that burnt cigarette stubs contain a particular mixture of asphalt, probably from the tar content in the sticks. This asphalt mix is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of heavy vehicles.

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Scientists of the institute mixed the asphalt with paraffin and bitumen. The mix was then dipped into boiling liquid asphalt. Scientists claimed that when cooled down, the mix becomes strong enough to be used on roads and other construction work. Pollution levels too would come down remarkably because of the recycling, they said.

MIT researchers had earlier advised using burnt cigarette stubs to manufacture bricks.

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