Blue Whale Game Strikes Again

OOP Digital Desk: Two schoolboys, allegedly obsessed over the Blue Whale Game, were saved at the last moment before they tried to take their lives. The suicide of a 14-year old boy from a multi-storeyed building in Mumbai last week was linked to the deadly online game.

A 14-year old son of a businessman, left his Solapur home in Maharashtra on 10 August, allegedly to complete an assigned task on the Blue Whale Game. The police found him on a bus to Pune.

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He was probably on his way to finish a task, a senior police officer said, adding that the boy seemed “lost” and was unable to speak when found.

Police believes the boy, who studies in class 9, was hooked to the Blue Whale Game, where a participant is allotted 50 tasks by “handlers” and finally manipulate to commit suicide, the final dare.

Police informed that the parents of the boy, after he went missing, inquired among his friends. They then came to know that their son was playing the game. His family claimed they never realised the boy was playing the Blue Whale Game on his father’s smartphone, the police officer said.

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The bus was intercepted after an alert was sounded by the Solapur police.

Hours before the Solapur boy was tracked and returned to his family, a 13-year old Indore boy tried to jump off the windowsill from the third floor of his school building. Two of his classmates fought to hold him back. The physical instructor of the school rushed to save the boy.

The Blue Whale Game has its origins in Russia. Participants are given a series of challenges and asked to upload their videos as proof of completion over 50 days. More than 100 deaths have been linked to the deadly game all over the world.

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