This Burrabazar Trader is on a One Man Mission

Kolkata: For the past 27 years, Burrabazar industry tools trader Kailash Mohta, has doggedly pursued a one-man mission. While driving through the chaotic city traffic over the last three decades, Mohta has honked not even for once every time he hits the road. He also sports a poster on his back to aware motorists of the problem.

Burrabazar is one of the biggest wholesale markets in India. It’s notorious for the maddening traffic snarls that last for a greater part of the day.

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Honking is a disease that has plagued the entire city, says Mohta. Kolkata has become the honking capital of the country. But the city, he says, will be far more liveable and civic if motorists stop honking. He hopes to see a day when all streets in the city will be free from noise.

Mohta has formed a nongovernment organisation called Silent Crusade to realise his cause.

Sourav Chakraborty, a traffic sergeant, has been a great supporter of Mohta. He has done exemplary service for the past 30 years, says Chakraborty, adding that people should be inspired by him.

Now, at least 100 Burrabazar traders want to wear Mohta’s poster.

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Honking, Mohta believes, is the outcome of a person’s impatience. The message on the poster is also a lesson to motorists to be more patient.

Mohta often stops honking cars on streets and tells them to abjure the habit. Some understand and appreciate his efforts, while others show contempt.

But at the end of the day, Mohta says, it’s always a job well done for him.

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