Feluda Courts Controversy

OOP Digital Desk: A general diary (GD) has been recently filed at Banani police station in Dhaka against foreign film and TV serial makers, who visit Bangladesh and work in the entertainment industry there, sans the necessary permission. While the complaint didn’t name any artistes or country, people have immediately linked the development to the first ever Feluda series being shot in and around Dhaka for Bangladesh television. The series has Parambrata Chattopadhyay playing the lead while Riddhi Sen plays his assistant Topshe.

Feluda aka Pradosh Chandra Mitter, is an iconic Bengali fictional detective created by renowned filmmaker Satyajit Ray.

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Sandip Ray, son of Satyajit, who holds the copyright of all of his father’s literary works, sold the rights of 35 Feluda stories to Candy Productions, on the condition that the series cannot be legally shown in India.

Sandip said that the news of the GD is unsettling.

Organising secretary of Directors’ Guild of Bangladesh, SM Kamrazzaman Sagar, said that all foreign film and TV crews must take the necessary permission from the Bangladesh information and broadcasting ministry, before they start working in the country. Many foreign actors and technicians work in Bangladesh with a tourist visa. People from India are welcome to shoot in Bangladesh, but they must follow the relevant rules, he added.

Sagar alleged that the Feluda series was being shot in Dhaka without any permission from 24 July.

However, many people believe that since this is for the first time that an entire television series based on Feluda stories will be broadcast outside India, nothing but jealousy is responsible for the controversy.

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Producer of the series, Shahriar Shakil, rubbished the allegations and claimed that he sought permission from the concerned ministry on 13 July.

Feluda will debut on Bangladesh television with Sheyal Debota Rahasya, and will be followed with Ghurghutiyar Ghatona, Gangtokey Gondogol, and Golokdham Rahasya.

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