Kolkata heritage restaurants

9 Kolkata Heritage Restaurants You Must Try

Kolkata is a foodie’s paradise. The sheer variety of food available in the city, not to mention the affordability, is ...
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chocolate facts

9 Interesting Chocolate Facts You May Not Have Known

There’s probably no person in this world who doesn’t love chocolate. Every home has at least one chocoholic, who is ...
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Kolkata street foods

9 Signature Kolkata Street Foods You Cannot Miss

It’s not for nothing that Kolkata is called the gastronomic capital of India. Bengalis love their food and pamper their ...
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Santa's Fatasea

For Some Seafood and Tribal Potpourri

Let me begin by saying that I am not particularly a fan of smartphones. They are neither a phone, nor ...
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fruits and vegetables

Ever Wondered What the Labels on the Fruits and Vegetables You Buy Mean?

You must be buying fruits and vegetables almost daily from the market. The labels pasted on them are unlikely to ...
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weird foods

10 Weird Foods People Eat

Eating is not just about filling up a hungry stomach. It’s also about savouring the food.  Every place on this ...
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