Forced Votes Marked TMC Win: Dilip Ghosh

Kolkata: The state BJP today alleged that TMC’s win in the recent municipal elections was because of forced votes and due to “Mamata Commission” surrounding off the voters on polling day.

“On the day of the election last week, violence was reported from all the three towns in the plains that went to vote. Miscreants from the ruling TMC went on a rampage in Pujali, Domkal and Raiganj. It was understood well in advance that they will win because of booth capturing,” said West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh.

Mamata Commission Conducts Elections in West Bengal: Dilip Ghosh

Commenting on the results, state BJP general secretary Sayantan Basu, alleged that TMC’s violent politics was the reason behind its win in four municipalities.

“Everyone saw how the elections happened this time. It was a farce and after the way they rigged the votes, the result was expected,” said Basu.

He further said that his party is gradually gaining momentum and has emerged second in almost every place where TMC won.

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