The Hotel with No Rooms

OOP Digital Desk: While all other hotels gun for a six or even a seven-star rating, here’s one that takes pride in having none.

At the Null Stern hotel, the only stars you get to see are the ones above in the sky.

Here, you only get a bed tucked into the crevice of a Swiss mountain. While the bedhead does throw some ambience light when the sun goes down, it’s far from what you are used to even by one-star standards. The nearest washroom, at a restaurant, is almost a 10-minute walk from your “room”. And if you are lucky enough, the only entertainment is likely to be a Swiss cow grazing next to your bed.

A Tale of Four Cities

The Null Stern has no walls, no roof, no running water, no room heaters, and nothing that you are probably accustomed to in any hotel. Room service is taken care of by local farmers. They are dressed in bow ties, work boots, and white gloves, and will deliver your breakfast comprising local produce every morning.

The concept hotel has been designed by Frank Riklin and Patrik Riklin, who take great pride to annoy the luxury hotel industry.

But this is not the first time the Riklins have come up with a concept hotel. Back in 2010, they opened a 14-bed hotel in an underground nuclear fallout shelter, close to St Allen. More than 3,000 guests have walked through its doors. This was the original Null Stern which has since been converted into a museum.

Here, the Horizon Melts into the Sea

The “Alpine Room” in the new Null Stern remains overbooked through the entire European summer, despite its rather expensive $359 (₹23,155) price tag.

The Riklins have plans to add 25 more “rooms”, across the Swiss valleys, in locations yet to be disclosed.

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