The Human Light Bulb

OOP Digital Desk: You may have seen the superheroes in the hugely popular X-Men series, who possess superpowers that sets them apart from human beings. While these superheroes are fictional and the outcome of genetic mutation, here is one man from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh who plays with electricity as if he is made of wood.

Meet Naresh Kumar who eats electricity whenever he is hungry.

Blue Whale Game Strikes Again

The 42-year old is an employee at a government hospital. He helps doctors in post-mortems but was never aware of his “power” which he discovered accidentally six years ago. Naresh Kumar had mistakenly touched a livewire but got no electric shock.

It was a big moment of realisation for the man. He started touching electrical gadgets of higher voltage to test his newfound ability. It was also the time he realised that electricity recharges him, almost like food providing energy.

Waste Not, Want Not

Since then, Naresh Kumar plugs into a livewire and passes electric current into his body until he’s full. He believes 80 percent of his body is now made of electricity.

The man is so obsessed with eating electricity that open wires are found hanging almost everywhere in his home. But his wife Sharmishta is not amused. She says that before the discovery he used to eat 12 chapatis. But her husband’s diet has greatly reduced as his major source of energy now comes from electricity.

She is also concerned about the safety of their children with all the open wires around.

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