In the Land of the Cold Desert

The walls of the spectacular mountains that envelop Ladakh, forge an unforgettable jaw-dropping landscape. The cold desert is a lifetime photographic escapade for those who love to shoot. The long flights, the tortuous high passes, the rugged asphalt, all plunge into nothingness as one sets foot on the only rain shadow area on the southern part of the Himalayas.

Much with the verbosity. I’ll let my lens do the talking.  Click through the pages for the entire album.

Ladakh cold desert

Jagged edge

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Subhanjan Bhaumik

A techie by profession, a shooter by passion. Prefers the shutter to the keyboard. Lets his lens do all the talking. Loves the outdoors. Hates to ignore the call of the wild. The collared falconet is more to his liking than a white-collar job

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