No Job Too Small: 9 Most Bizarre Professions Found Only in India

You think your job is the worst of its kind in the world? Well, think again. You are probably lucky that you don’t have to smell human and animal excreta all day to earn your bread. Working odd hours, or having an irritating boss in office who barks at any given pretext, will seem picnic if you consider the following most bizarre professions that exist only in India.

Here’s a big salute to the dignity of labour of all these men and women, who perhaps would not have joined the professions they are in, had there been a choice.

1. Sewerage cleaner

most bizarre professionsImage Source: The Daily Moss

They take off their shirts, gulp down some cheap local booze, and jump in the drains to clean up the dirt. Perhaps no other profession in the world is as deadly as this one. Not many can carry this job for long. The health hazards are extreme. But in a country where manpower supply far exceeds the demand, you always get people to fill in vacancies. Sewerage cleaners are considered the lowest class of citizens in India. But metropolises in the country will start falling apart if these people go on a strike even for a day.

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2. Professional mourners

most bizarre professionsImage Source: ScoopWhoop

From spearheading nuclear projects to flying combat jets, India’s women are breaking the glass ceiling in every sphere of life. However, one of the most bizarre professions in the country is that of Rudaali, where lower-caste women are compelled to cry when a Thakur (from the prestigious class) dies. Women are hired as professional mourners to grieve the dead. Rudaali is practiced in some pockets of Rajasthan and these women lead a very miserable life away from the mainstream society. There’s perhaps no worse form of gender bias than this.

3. Corpse photographer

Image Source: The Caravan

With prices of DSLR cameras going southwards each day, photography has emerged as a major hobby. But several studios dot the ghats of Varanasi that specialise in photographing only the dead. Photographing the corpse, morbid as it may sound, is very much a part of a person’s last rites in this ancient city. The photographs are usually kept in the deceased person’s house for worship. These photographers are never called to shoot auspicious events like weddings or the birth of a child, since shooting only the dead, they are believed to bring misfortunes. Undeniably one of the most bizarre professions in this country of extremes.

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