Hiroshima atomic bomb

Why Was Japan the Target

By the time the atomic bomb to be dropped over Hiroshima was ready, Japan was prepared for surrender. As Dwight ...
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Mujibur Rahman

Had He Only Listened to the Betel Leaf Trader

It was sometime in June 1974. Some senior Bangladesh Army officers including major Khandaker Abdur Rashid and major Syed Faruque ...
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bihari muslims

Story of the Nowhere People

In the days leading up to the Partition of 1947, nearly a million Urdu-speaking Muslims from Bihar migrated to the ...
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Bangladesh war crimes

The ‘War Heroines’ of Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 was perhaps one of the bloodiest independence battles ever. Over three million Bengalis were ...
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Tejas Express

Thanks, But no Thanks, We Don’t Deserve Anything Good

Damaged LCD screens, fewer headphones, and waste strewn all over. That in a nutshell was how the showpiece Tejas Express ...
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Syrian Civil War

Decoding the Syrian Civil War

It’s a new Cold War of sorts. While the erstwhile Soviet Union is a thing of the past, both Russia ...
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