Payel Sarkar Throws a Spanner

The day former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar landed in Kolkata to attend a promotional event of director Mainak Bhaumik’s film Cholochitro Circus, another circus was played out with actress Payel Sarkar taking the centre stage.

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The actress plays the female lead in the film. According to industry insiders, her equation with producer Rana Sarkar could be the stuff of a Bolllywood script with the two tempestuous individuals sharing a blow hot, blow cold relationship. Payel turned up much later after Manjrekar had left.

It has been learnt that while all members of the cast were sent cars for the event, the one sent to Payel Sarkar had the sticker of a popular app-cab service. She became furious, immediately sent the car back, and later came in another car.

But there was another circus waiting to happen. People at the event were witness to the cold vibes between Payel and Paoli Dam, the other actress in the film. Payel reportedly refused to strike a pose with Paoli in front of a standee banner that featured only the latter actress. But people are aware that the two actresses are not exactly on speaking terms.

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Meanwhile, the industry is all praise for Rana Sarkar for his rather bold decision to release the film on Saptami, 27 September.

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