Police on the Docks over Pradyuman Thakur Murder Investigation

OOP Digital Desk: The CBI, probing into the killing of seven-year old Ryan International School student Pradyuman Thakur, today said that Gurugram police had planted the weapon used for the murder, a knife, on school bus assistant Ashok Kumar and accused him as the murderer. The police had “solved” the case within four hours of the incident.

Kumar’s family, meanwhile, alleged that he was “drugged” and “tortured” by the police to force a confession.

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The bus assistant was arrested on 10 September, two days after the crime, and was charged with sexually assaulting and murdering the child.

A CBI officer said, the two-month long investigation has established that the Class 11 student accused of killing Pradyuman, had bought the knife from a local shop and sneaked it into the school. There is no basis of the police claim that Kumar had brought the knife into the school, the officer said.

The accused has confessed of committing the crime in front of his father, a CBI welfare officer, and an independent witness.

Allegations are now being raised about the role of Gurugram police in the murder probe. It has been learnt that the father of the accused student is a lawyer with property worth more than ₹500 crore. He is also believed to be politically well connected.

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The CBI officer informed, the accused slit Pradyuman’s throat with the knife within seconds, and left the crime scene. The child could not put up any resistance because he got no time to react. This quashes the police theory that Kumar had taken the knife from his bus toolkit and was cleaning it inside the toilet, when he chanced upon Pradyuman Thakur, the officer added.

The murder weapon was recovered from the toilet commode. Gurugram police, incidentally, was silent on where the knife was recovered from.

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