Rupam Islam Warns of Legal Action

Kolkata: The social media is everybody’s playground. While there’s complete freedom of expression in this space, things sometimes get stretched a bit too far. It then becomes a headache, especially for celebrities, who are often at the receiving end of harassment and character assassination. While many choose to ignore matters that may invite controversy, some don’t take it lying down. Fossils frontman Rupam Islam is one such person who has sent a legal notice for alleged harassment on Facebook.

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Rajshekhar Debroy, guitarist of Bangla band Revolution, shared a 2012 video on his Facebook timeline on 25 August. Debroy, while sharing the video, claimed that Fossils had plagiarised an international hit for its song Harano Padak.

Several comments, both in support and against Fossils, were posted on the social networking site.

Rupam Islam noticed the Facebook post and shot a legal notice to Debroy through his lawyer Anirban Guhathakurta, where the singer alleged that Fossils and its members have been subject to harassment on social media because of the guitarist’s post. Harano Padak was released in 2004, while the song mentioned by Debroy, was published in 2011. How could the Fossils song be possibly plagiarised, Rupam questioned.

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The singer has asked Debroy to explain his ground within 15 days of receiving the legal notice, or else a defamation suit will be filed against him. The guitarist has also been asked to remove the Facebook post within 48 hours, which he has done already.

Sharing the legal notice on his Facebook page, Rupam Islam has advised know-all people to be better informed before raising any allegation against anyone.

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