Aghori sadhus

9 Bizarre Facts about Aghori Sadhus

Worshipped, frowned, respected, and feared, the Aghori sadhus are among the most mysterious icons in the world. These ascetics are ...
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infamous serial killers

9 Most Infamous Serial Killers in History

For centuries, there have been several infamous serial killers, whose deeds still send shivers down our spine. Many of them ...
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famous transgender personalities

6 Famous Transgender Personalities of India

Transgenders, in India, are still a marginalised section of the population with limited access to education and job opportunities. However, ...
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OOP transgender jundge

From a Rights Crusader to the Judge’s Chair

Kolkata: As Joyita Mondal’s car drove into the court premises in Islampur at Uttar Dinajpur last month, the country’s transgender ...
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male escort

Lady Chatterley’s Lover: Confessions of a Kolkata Male Escort

“Sorry, I don’t serve men.” It is late evening in a hot and humid Kolkata. As I park my car ...
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online infidelity

Online Infidelity: Are Affairs on the Internet Different?

The typical extramarital affair once used to begin at the workplace and move to some seedy hotel room on the ...
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