Something Seriously Wrong With this Advertisement

Kolkata: Twiterrati are having a field day over an advertisement hoarding of Dr Lal PathLabs, a popular diagnostic and healthcare tests service provider, with centres all over India. The hoarding has gone viral over social media since the last couple of days after a serious mistake in the advertisement was pointed out by a doctor.

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The signboard, mounted somewhere in the city, shows a doctor examining an X-ray plate on the left side of the advertisement, while on the right, the services offered by the diagnostic centre is mentioned.

So far so good. Right?

Well, not quite.

Have a look at the advertisement one more time. You have probably noticed it now. The doctor is holding the X-ray plate upside down.

As soon as the mistake was pointed out, Dr Lal PathLabs was roasted on social media. People not only poked fun at the diagnostic centre, but also questioned the brand’s authenticity and credibility.

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