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US President Donald Trump’s eldest child is his namesake and popularly known as Don. Donald Trump Jr, 39, is the first child of Trump Sr with his first wife Ivana Marie Trump (née Zelníčková) from erstwhile Czechoslovakia. Don serves as the executive vice-president of development and acquisitions at Trump Organisation. He shares the role with his younger brother Eric. Trump Organisation is reportedly worth over $150 million.

Here are some interesting facts about Donald Trump Jr.

1. Trophy hunter

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Donald Trump Jr loves endangered trophy hunting and doesn’t keep it a secret. In fact, Don and Eric are not just business partners, they are hunting buddies as well. Animal rights groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) denounced their hobby when photos appeared on the internet with the two brothers posing with carcasses of elephants, crocodiles and leopards. TMZ published the photos of the two Trump brothers on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe.

2. The Aspen effect

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Like his father, Donald Trump Jr is a Wharton graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. He took a year off for partying in Aspen, Colorado, after his graduation. He admitted in an interview that the year became a turning point in his life. The economics graduate denounced party lifestyle in September 2001 and settled down to work with his father.

3. Father played matchmaker

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Trump Sr, at a fashion show with Don, spotted an attractive young model on the ramp and in a seemingly embarrassing dad move, decided to play the matchmaker. He dragged Don to the backstage and introduced him to the woman, reported New York Times, adding that the three then engaged in a very awkward conversation. The model, Vanessa Haydon, went on to become Don’s wife. She is known to have dated actor Leonardo DiCaprio during her modelling days. The couple has five children.

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