Coco der Mer

In the Land of Coco de Mer

We all have phases in life when we just crave for peace and quietude. But that often is a premium ...
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To Hell and Back: The Holiday that Wasn’t

We Bengalis fancy being an wanderlust breed. In a country that’s famously vacation starved, we pack our bags at the ...
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Land of the Red Soil and Ektara

“Not again,” said my 10-year old son with a fair bit of exasperation as I suggested Santiniketan for that weekend ...
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Ladakh cold desert

In the Land of the Cold Desert

The walls of the spectacular mountains that envelop Ladakh, forge an unforgettable jaw-dropping landscape. The cold desert is a lifetime ...
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North Bengal holiday

6 Offbeat North Bengal Holiday Destinations

Staying in Kolkata obviously has some undeniable advantages. While the gastronomic experience in the city is something to die for, ...
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Goa beach

Touch n Goa

White sands, swaying palms, and sparkling waters. That in a nutshell is what attracts over two million visitors to Goa ...
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