Waste Not, Want Not

OOP Digital Desk: The Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services Company in Kenya, has taken the “waste not, want not” mantra to an unusual length by using human faeces for the production of briquettes to be used for heating and cooking.

Workers of the company collect and dry the faeces and then treat it in a kiln. The product is carbonised at 300 degree Celsius with sawdust. They are then pressed into balls and sold by the kilogram.

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The production process removes all the harmful pathogens present in the faeces as well as the unpleasant smell.

Nakuru is the fourth-largest city in Kenya but only of every four residents are connected to the sewerage system. The waste is often dumped in rivers and storm drains, or buried, especially in the low-income and slum areas.

Officials of the company admitted that they had a tough time to convince the locals about the benefits of the recycling project, largely because of the taboo associated with human faeces. Residents, however, have now embraced the product which is fully organic.

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The product has no odour and cooks well, trader Grace Waka told the media. Cooking is faster now and the briquettes can be burnt for a longer time.

The project is supported by European Union and SNV Netherlands and other partners. Besides improving sanitation, the project also aims to address environmental issues, particularly in the poorer parts of Nakuru.

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